Our People

Shauna MacDonald - Principal and Founder

When Shauna announced she was opening her own firm, the constant response was "It's about time!"

Getting her start in PR with a Boston-based public relations and strategic communication consulting firm, Shauna provided strategic public relations expertise to companies of all sizes throughout New England, the U.S. and the world. For five years, prior to starting Brookline, Shauna was Vice President and Managing Director of Western Canada for an international public relations firm, as well as the Technology & Marketing Communications Practice Leader for its Canadian operations.

By honing these skills, she has helped numerous companies in many industries launch programs, products and increase profile and awareness by developing comprehensive and strategic PR and IR strategies. Her extensive knowledge of both Canadian and U.S. markets has helped various companies from start-up to established, gain and sustain market leader positions.

"I love coming to work each day because I have the privilege of watching each talented Brookliner excel and ultimately our clients succeed because we love what we do."

If Shauna was not in public relations she would be a rock star.

Memorable Moment:

There are too many moments to consider but one that stands out in my mind is the day I had to make a major presentation to the Board of one of Canada’s most recognized brands. I was prepared, ready and excited. I had decided to wear a new power suit and had just purchased a new pair of fashionable heels. However the heel broke on my way to the meeting but I had a pair of flip flops in the back of my vehicle. Flip flops or broken heel? Needless to say, the Board had a few laughs about my “beach” attire and we secured the business.

Paula Worthington - Vice President

Paula Worthington has been with Brookline since 2009. She has a unique background that includes a broad range of skills: public relations, marketing, branding, advertising, writing, event planning, community relations, crisis management, corporate communications and more. Coupled with Paula's boundless creativity, Brookline clients can expect a fresh approach delivered with relentless energy and enthusiasm.

Paula provides strategic direction to a number of clients and projects, while helping to keep the Brookline team at the top of their game.

She's worked with virtually every industry and is proud to support local, national and international brands at Brookline. "As a boutique agency, Brookline provides the one-on-one personalized service our clients expect, and the national reach and forward-thinking strategy the market demands. Our team and clients are amazing - energetic, passionate, and always fresh, creative, solid and professional."

With an adventurous spirit, Paula is also a freelance travel writer and photographer, with her work featured in major Canadian newspapers, magazines and a variety of online outlets.

If Paula was not in Public Relations, she would be a full-time globetrotter.

Memorable Moment:

Too many to count! But I'll never forget how proud I felt when our team banded together to help our neighbours by cleaning out basements after the June 2013 floods. Whether we're putting the final touches on an innovative event or supporting our community in mud-soaked boots, you will always see "Team Brookline" deliver passion and results in everything we do.

Alisha Samnani - Senior Account Executive

Alisha Samnani graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario, and continued on to complete her Graduate Diploma in Public Relations Management from McGill University.

At Brookline, Alisha enhances the team with her strong social media, event management, media relations and corporate communications expertise. With her past agency expertise and broad experience in non-profit, government relations and lifestyle PR, she helps to support a number of diverse accounts. Alisha also manages Brookline’s multimedia activities working on collaborative content for both clients and the agency.

“Brookline fosters the creativity that helps us excel for each and every one of our clients. It is a pleasure to work with some of the best PR professionals in the city.”

If Alisha was not in public relations she would be an EDM DJ.

Memorable Moment:

There are a lot of great moments; however, there is one that definitely stands out. Our client wanted us to think of something other than the traditional ‘shovel and dirt’ for their upcoming groundbreaking ceremony. The Brookline team came up with a custom designed photo op cement stamp that the COO could press into freshly laid cement. We had less than 48 hours to learn everything about cement, including how to pour it, set it, and stamp it; purchase a cement stamp from across the border; and complete a trial run. As always, the Brookline team was able to deliver, even on such short notice!

Leanna Kruk - Senior Account Executive

Leanna brings several years of agency experience to Brookline. With a solid foundation in strategic brand management and overall campaign strategy, Leanna has led and managed a variety of national and international client campaigns.

A native born Torontonian, Leanna started her PR career in agency, working for a variety of top-rated PR firms and associated clients. A creative and passionate PR professional, Leanna has well-rounded client experience that has included design and decor, hospitality and tourism, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, real estate, financial and transportation.

“The world of PR is fast and furious and Brookline is definitely up to the challenge. I’m thrilled to be working with a team of PR professionals that think fast on their feet while achieving results.”

If Leanna was not in public relations, she would be a chef/restaurateur.

Memorable Moment:

I will never forget my very first Traffic meeting at Brookline. Each week, we have an internal Traffic meeting to discuss client updates and deliverables with each other. Well, wasn’t I surprised to find out that our Traffic meeting was more like a tennis match! Creative ideas and enthusiastic conversations went back and forth between the team so quickly, I thought I would need a neck brace for my next meeting!

Sophie Pilon - Account Executive

Sophie Pilon holds a Bachelor Degree from Université de Montréal and a Masters in Public Relations from Université Laval.

Sophie is a seasoned public relations practitioner who has worked with a variety of companies, professional and amateur sport teams and not-for-profit organizations. Sophie's strength lies in creating tailored strategic communications and media relations plans delivered to each client and their needs.

"I am truly excited to be working with such a great team of public relations experts. Being able to come to work every day with creative and motivated colleagues, partners and clients is invigorating."

If Sophie was not in public relations she would be a sports newscaster.

Memorable Moment:

There has been so many memorable moments during my time at Brookline, it’s really hard to pinpoint one. That said, coming from a sports background I have to say that helping George Gosbee and his team manage the Canadian media relations while they were working on the deal to buy the Phoenix Coyotes is definitely a highlight for me. P.S. Wrangling six of the owners of the Phoenix Coyotes at a Stampede party to take a picture for the Calgary Herald is as hard as it sounds!

Ashlee Smith - Marketing Coordinator & Office Manager

Ashlee Smith effectively manages the day-to-day operations of Brookline and proactively organizes administration needs of the office. In addition, she ensures that the administrative deliverables of client accounts are expertly executed and knowledgeably supports team members on organizational tasks. Brookline is Ashlee’s number one client and she strives to ensure all in-house events, marketing communications and media relations are skillfully pursued, and completed.

Prior to joining Brookline, Ashlee developed her marketing and administrative skills while supporting a large marketing team in the consumer/retail industry. Currently, she is pursuing her Public Relations Management Certificate at the University of Calgary where she previously graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Development Studies.

“Brookline has, and continues to be a wonderful place for professional growth and adaptation. My love for ‘details’ is mirrored by Brookline’s culture and proven project achievements.”

If Ashlee was not in public relations, she would be a social scientist.

Memorable Moment:

At Brookline, team culture is a priority. We are treated to team ‘Fun Days’ to blow off some steam and have fun outside the office. I’ll never forget our wintery Fun Day when we went snow tubing at Mt. Norquay. It was sheer delight to twist, turn and scream all the way down the mountain while hurtling towards rubber barriers that you could only hope would stop you from launching into the surrounding forest. Even when we stopped, I continued to sit on the tube laughing and giggling uncontrollably. Now that’s what I call stress relief!

Madison Olyniuk - Account Specialist

As an Account Specialist, Madison Olyniuk works closely with clients in a diverse range of industries to provide strategic, out-of-the-box thinking. From working with key media contacts to secure exceptional coverage to creating a one-of-a-kind event, Madison is passionate about working to capture the attention of appropriate audiences.

With her past agency experience, time in the government sector, and Bachelors Arts degree in Communications Studies, Madison offers a fresh approach and creative ideas to help achieve the needs of her clients. “At Brookline, every day brings a new and exciting challenge. I get to work with a dynamic team, share ideas with people I respect and look for creative and unique solutions for our amazing clients. Who could ask for more?”

If Madison was not in public relations she would be a celebrity gossip writer.

Memorable Moment:

There have been so many unforgettable moments – from announcing Encana’s new CEO to dancing like Justin Timberlake in my newbie presentation, it’s difficult to choose just one. However, after only a few months at Brookline I supported the event management and media relations of GownTown – an annual event that sells formal dresses to students in need. Not only were we able to visit every Calgary TV station to promote the event, but most importantly we helped hundreds of young girls find beautiful dresses for their graduation.

Kristen McAdam - Account Specialist

Kristen McAdam has a diverse background from corporate, to professional sports, to the not-for-profit sector and brings experience and knowledge to the agency in the areas of event management, marketing communications, and media relations. In addition, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in media and communications from the University of Western Ontario.

“I am so thrilled to be part of such a strong team here at Brookline. Having such a solid foundation at Brookline means that not only do our clients receive exceptional results, but our staff have the opportunity to learn and grow from each other.”

Although she supports clients in various industries, she is most passionate about the not-for-profit and travel sectors. She is an advocate for challenging corporations to lead a social responsibility platform and encouraging individuals to step outside their comfort zones.

Kristen is a travel and adventure enthusiast with over 30 countries under her belt. If she was not in public relations, she would be working for a not-for-profit abroad.

Memorable Moment:

My first day on the job was the beloved quarterly fun day for staff. Getting a chance to know my new co-workers through an afternoon of curling cannot be beat!

Andria Campbell - Assistant Account Specialist

Andria Campbell received her Graduate Diploma in Public Relations Management from McGill University, where she previously completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Political Science.

“I am inspired every day working alongside the incredibly talented team at Brookline. It’s a privilege to be among professionals who consistently devote their knowledge, creativity and passion to each and every client.”

Andria is passionate about the arts, and studied dance for much of her life. This fostered her creative side and eye for detail; qualities she is excited to apply to all her projects at Brookline.

If Andria was not in public relations, she would be a ballerina.

Memorable Moment:

The Brookline team recently visited Sparkling Hills Resort near Vernon, B.C. for a corporate off-site. In addition to great sessions spent collaborating on delivering the best in client services we also spent time connecting as a team. Not only did I learn something new about each Brookliner, I was also reminded what wonderful people I get to work with every day!

Erica Morgan - Intern

Erica Morgan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Calgary where she minored in Business and developed her communications skills as the President of the student communications club.

Erica brings experience from the oil and gas industry where she developed specific knowledge in the areas of internal communications and business ethics. Erica is pleased to have the opportunity to learn the ropes from Brookline’s seasoned PR professionals and to work with a broad range of highly regarded clients.

“Joining an agency as esteemed and successful as Brookline is a dream come true. It is inspiring to work alongside such talented and enthusiastic individuals and I am delighted to be contributing to the fresh and creative ideas that are born here each day.”

With a passion for the arts, Erica studied dance, piano and guitar for a number of years and now contributes to the arts community as a volunteer with the Alberta Ballet.

If Erica was not in public relations she would be on Broadway.